Toran Lightblest

Angelic Harbinger


Harbingers are Angelic Remnants (When Reading prophecies about someone whose name I know I may Speak Softly with Doom instead of Wisdom and do not need to speak with them to learn their answers


Messy Hair
Plain Robes
Kind Eyes
Simple Jewelry

Be Brave, Take Risks
Tell Us Of Your People
Improve the World Around you
You’ll Get Through This

Blood -1
Courage +1
Grace +0
Sense + 0
Wisdom + 2
Doom +2

Core Moves:
Doomed Soul
Doom And Gloom
Do Not Trifle with Wizards

Custom Moves:
Angel’s Touch

Riord will be of great importance in the events to come
I have done many a favor for Rose
Swiftclaw is my longtime companion

Food (2 uses, Food)
Wizardly Baubles (2 uses, Useful)
Runed Sword (Melee Necrotic) with a dark past (Weapon)
A strange beast (Companion)
Source of magic: Magical bloodline (2 uses, Healing)

Strange Beast
Name Swiftclaw
Pack Loyalty
Old Hunter


One of the descendants of the divine beings of old, Toran was born and raised in a small village somewhere in the woods between the lands of Greenergrass and Turon. Trained and raised as an apprentice healer by one of his elders, he never cared over much about the old prophecies he was taught, preferring to use his powers both taught and innate to heal the local populace, wether they were orc, human, or elf. He also enjoyed walking in the nearby woods, where he eventually met and befriended the beast he came to call Swiftclaw. As he he neared the day of adulthood, he at one point found an ancient rune blade in a shrine in the woods. In his lack of experience with the darker powers of this world, he never suspected what his finding of the blade would bring, and indeed thought it was nothing but an offering to powers from days long past best left where it was.

It only took two years after he found the blade for the forces of the Overlord to sense the disturbed shrine and send a force from their conquest of Turon to track the blade, and from the shrine the one who had disturbed it.

Merely a week after Turon had confided in his mentor about the Runeblade, and given a copy of some of the prophecies and lore gathered about the demon legions and their cursed master, his village was attacked and ultimately burned to the ground. Toran managed to escape the assault, but not without being pursued. Desperate he ran towards the shrine, clutching the lore book. It is here that Toran’s memory becomes hazy.

He remembers reaching the shrine and claiming the sword.

He remembers Swiftclaw running with him

He remembers killing one of his pursuers with the blade, and watching the slain foe wither away from the sword’s power.

He remembers being caught and bound.

He remembers Swiftclaw picking off some of the enemy.

He remembers the faces of the friends and family he and Swiftclaw lost to the coming evil.

The memories are all jumbled, and the last thing he remembers clearly from that terrible journey is it’s end.

Now he lives in a hut on the outskirts of town, near the woods where Swiftclaw now resides. He studies the book his mentor gave him, memorizing all he can, when he isn’t putting his training to heal to good use among royalty and refugee alike. Having formed new friendships and having started to heal from his loss, he’s determined to not lose anyone else if it is in his power. He is of the lineage of guardians, prophets and healers. It is certain that with the drums of war pounding, his skills will be called upon.

Toran Lightblest

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