Rose of Legends

Heir- Fellowship Chief Council Advisor


Luscious Hair
Serene Face
Determined Eyes
Royal Garb.

Character/Abilities: Heir Fellowship Leader with kindness, diplomacy and compromise an any/all circumstances, Chief Council Advisor

Stalwart defender with strike true and foreign exchange.

Hails from the land of Greenergrass near the neighboring kingdom of Gallifrey
Heirs are naturally inclined to be brave risk takers toward the well-being of others, protecting the kingdom of their people, and improving the realm and world around them. In addition, Heirs also seek to share, uphold and preserve the culture, equality, freedoms and history of their people and ancestors with nobility courage, conviction and dignity.

Wisdom: +2
Grace: +1
Sense: +0
Courage +2

Core Moves:
Royal Treatment (All are fed! Let them eat Cake!)
Yes, My Liege
Custom Moves:
Strike True-Beaten Down
Foreign Exchange: Elder Arts

1. Riord Sirorcco has won my heart and proven loyalty.

2.Toran Lightblest is a longtime trusted Ally, has proven an valuable companion.

3. I am the Former council advisor to the Overlord (Gorc) in diplomacy negotiations with the kingdom (may have potential familial sibling ties/connection)

4. Corrin Cobblestone is a friend to all Heirs

Royal Gear:
-Food (3 uses)
-Poultices ( 2 Uses , Healing, Slow)
-A warhorse
-Beautiful Blade (Melee, Precious)

-A second sword and regal armor (1 use, Armor)*
-A bow an throwing knives (Ranged, Ammo*)
-Horse or donkey for all in the Fellowship (Caring for the Kingdom)*

-A map to the location of the source of power to of the overlord (Defend the kingdom)

Advisor: Senior Chancellor Kieran Wise Rowling the Great Consultancy

Bodyguard:*Mortimer Stonewall (Codenames: Greenleaf Skyforger- Bond -Lady of Light) Watch out!)

A Tale of Regal Redemption (Heir Nobility Law):
All Heirs believe to see the true nobility and goodness in the character of all individuals, creatures and beings.

Therefore, any said formerly angelic creature who attempts to overthrow the kingdom and Council will be met with several trials of nobility/redemption.
Said former angelic creatures not of the light or of any other kingdom who oppose and disrupt the balance of the well-being of others, citizens of the Fellowship, Council or Kingdoms, are said to have previously originated as one of the core Fellowship creatures (Dwarf, Elf, Halfling etc.), and their form has been distorted/impacted by their plot and impure intentions.

However, said creatures may return to their original form if they complete and achieve 1 to 3 noble acts (ex: such as saving or shielding another player, assisting a member of the fellowship in battle etc.) restoring balance of their nobility and redemption in the Kingdom and Fellowship Council.


In the time of the kingdom prior to the Overlords reign, and all was in harmony and balance among the reals, Rose of Legends was the Chief Fellowship Council Advisor and elected representative to the kingdoms ensure all diplomacy and needs met of the people of the Kingdom.

Rose hails from the land of Greenergrass kingdom, near Gallifrey where she was trained and guided by her descendants as the most powerful and influence mentors, scholars and leaders of the realm on the knowledge, imparting wisdom, and skills/abilities to bring peace to the Fellowship and kingdom with nobility and grace.
Rose is one of the only Fellowship council members who knows the true name of the Overlord, not spoken in the kingdom for centuries for concern of mysterious fate that befell all who spoke the name to the dismay of the Overlord.

She has encountered and earned the trust, loyally and respect among many including allies and Fellowship council members through the kingdom (significant in later events) due to her level of care, dedication and admiration of the hard work and efforts of the people of all ranks within the kingdom valuing and recognizing their contributions; and her loyalty dedication and promise of equity and peace to the realm from squires and servants, to Elves and Dwarfs. Furthermore, Rose has great humility regarding her royal linage and status, believing in the respect and equity of all beings (derived from her vast experience in strategic negotiation, counseling/advising , representing various peoples, diplomacy/decorum, and an integral and deep understanding and advanced scholarly study of the lore of various cultures, creatures and lands) .

Her surname, “Legends” is derived from her lineage of great warriors (including Elvish ancestry), and leaders, and legendary tales of risk taking, leadership and diplomacy in dire circumstances leading to the resolving of conflict and preserving the well-being and peace of the kingdom and all is inhabitants/citizens.

Other Legends regarding Rose Include:
She has armor of truth: All can only address her with honesty (others cannot lie)
Her Second Sword allows her to read the minds and true intentions of others (any who are reflected in the blade in close proximity, this power can also be available for allies who she allows to wield the sword)

She can fly on Tuesdays, and has increased resilience (including rapid self-healing), speed, and strength in battles thanks to her armor and amulet of light a symbol or royal /royal garb

P.S. Oh and she can talk to any and all creatures too, like dragons, communing with nature and stuff…

Rose of Legends

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