Riord Sirorcco

Half Orc-Heir


Very Small Eyes
Muscled Body
Traditional Uniform
Intricate Scars

You have these three Agendas:

  • Be Brave, Take Risks
  • Tell Us Of Your People
  • Improve The World Around You
    and a fourth:
  • Born Rebel
  • Fix the system by any means necessary
    and a fifth from Half-Orc:
  • Judge, Jury, Executioner
  • Make them pay for their crimes

Choose the option that best represents your people:

  • Sons of War
  • You were born and raised for battle and war is all your people know. Everything is a weapon in your eyes. As long as there is something within arm’s reach that you can break, you can use Fires of Industry to instantly create new weapons in the heat of battle.

When a stat is damaged, mark the small box
You are in Despair when you roll a damaged stat
Blood +2
Courage +2
Grace +0
Sense +1
Wisdom -1

  • The Fires of Industry
    As long as you have a minute’s time and destroy something in the process, you can craft an Orc-Made weapon of your own design. Orc-Made weapons are Clumsy in any hands but an Orc’s, and they are ugly to all but Orcs. The weapon is Melee.
    Weapons you make are not added to your Gear – they are temporary and must be replaced when they are lost or damaged. You cannot carry more than 5 weapons you’ve made at a single time, but you can restock weaponry between scenes as you like.
    When you Share this move with another, they gain an appreciation for the utility or simplicity of Orc-Made weaponry. Orc-Made weapons are not Clumsy in the hands of those with this move.
  • Dishonor before Death
    When you need an Advantage to Finish Them with in glorious combat, you can always create one by breaking your weapon. When you must pay a price, you may always choose to break your weapon.
  • Half-Orc
    You are not completely Orc. Take a Core Move from any basic playbook. You may also take an Agenda from the chosen playbook. This Move cannot be shared.
    —Yes, My Liege: When you issue a command to someone below your rank, they’ll do it immediately, no questions asked. Someone is below your rank if they are of your People or if they are a Companion. When you give a command that directly harms the person you gave the command to, they become immune to this move forever.
  • The Sweat of Your Brow
    When you create a weapon for yourself, you may choose an enhancement for the weapon from this list:
    —Destructive: This weapon is Dangerous, great for causing massive and uncontrollable damage
    —Foe-Smelling: This weapon burns to the touch when in the presence of those who mean you harm. To you, this heat is only a warning, but it will harm others who try to touch it
    —Spiked: This weapon is Piercing, and Armor cannot be used against it


  1. Rose of Legends has won me over, but I’m still uneasy.
  2. Toran Lightblest’s ancestors once aided the orcs long ago.
  3. I will use my strength to keep Mortimer Cobblestone safe.
  4. Gorc is the only orc who believes that I can restore honor to our people.
  • Gear
    You start with some strange jerky Food with 3 Uses, and two Orc-Made weapons, as per the Fires of Industry move. Also,
  • Orcish moonshine (2 Uses, Food “only for Orcs”)
    Drunk: Grace + Wisdom, Vigor: Blood + Sense. If you stuff a rag in the bottle and set it on fire, replace its tags with Ranged and Dangerous.
  • Your best friend (big lug, brains, or little guy) companion
  • Some loot (1 Use, Precious)
  • Cunning as Can Be: 2 Uses. Use this to instantly Look Closely without rolling, asking one question from the list
  • Companion
    Gorc (Big Lug): Real big, real strong, real stupid.
    bigger’n you
    tough as can be

Before Riord of the house of Sirorcco became the Sur-Khagan of Turan, he was a boy with an unknown mother raised in the royal household. He was brought up to be a skilled soldier as with all the Khagans dating back generations to the founding of Turan, when small orcish tribes banded together because X. He looked up to the Khagan, who protected him from the orcs who shunned or bullied him because he was a half-orc, as his father. But when Riord was a young man, in the climactic battle with the Overlord that ended in Turanian defeat, his father vanished from the scene. Disgraced, the orcs currently believe their Khagan to be a coward, but Riord and his friend Gorc insist that that was not the case; as the Sur-Khagan personally lobbies for aid in Crossroad, he also looks for his ruler’s whereabouts…

Riord Sirorcco

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